Something that is important for all businesses to consider is if your website is mobile-friendly. If you have a Small Business, you could be losing out on leads. If you consider how often people use their mobile devices to search for local businesses, you may understand why it is so important.

One of the top reasons people are using their mobile devices to search for businesses is because they need to either contact the business before going there or they need the physical address, so they can go there. If your website isn’t mobile friendly and doesn’t have this information readily available, many will just search for another business that is easier to find instead.

Using GPS

One of the reasons it is so important to be sure your physical address is easy to find is because many people now rely on GPS to find a location, and they don’t try to get directions in advance. Instead, they are relying on their mobile devices to get the physical address to plug it into the GPS. Sometimes just plugging a name into the GPS may work, but do you want to risk that it will yield the correct result?


If your address isn’t easy to find on your website and doesn’t seem to work correctly by plugging in your business name, they may resort to calling your business to ask for your address. Is your phone number easy to find? As you can imagine, if they have already attempted to find your address with no luck and can’t find your phone number easily as well, you have lost that lead.

Optimizing Your Website

It is time to make sure your website is mobile friendly. If not, it’s time to optimize it so it is! Potential clients are looking for you, but if you don’t make it easy, they are going to find somebody else.

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