Small BusinessDealing with a unresponsive client can be at times frustrating and costly (time, productivity).  If you deliver products or services this is quite a common encounter.   You send over an idea, pitch or even project awaiting approval to the client and get nothing.

You send a follow up message and still nothing.   After a phone call they send you to their voicemail or have receptionist take a message for them.

This is a common problem.  Yet most businesses and client centered professionals struggle dealing with it.

Here are several things to consider if you’re faced with a client who is avoiding you:

– They Might Be Really Busy

Your clients have deadlines, bosses and clients of their own.  It could be they are truly really busy.

– Consider a Phone Call instead of Email

An email can easily send a a message that gives the client the mentality of “I’ll deal with it later.”. A phone call makes the issue urgent and you can absolutely get an immediate response… Considering you aren’t sent to voicemail.

– Be Prepared to Communicate with Instructions

We sometimes send emails and messages thinking the client knows all the details.  In your message ensure that you’ve made yourself clear what what the client is supposed to do. Don’t let the client “assume”.

– Is Your Work Truly Worth the Clients Time?

Some clients don’t like providing negative feedback.  Instead at times they’ll just leave it at the wayside and avoid the issue.  This is frustrating without communication – but consider calling the client and asking them how you can improve the project.

– Have a Relationship with your Client

Your client’s time is important and if they don’t really know you or rarely see you chances are high they will ignore you if needed. But if you had a relationship with your customer – they will feel obligated and more open to communicating with you.  Spend time with your customer regularly.

– Accept the obvious… It’s not Happening.

That’s the nature of business.  Just come to the realization that you’ve tried your best, put your best foot forward and made an effort.  Close the book on this chapter and move on.

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