10 Tips on Working Green and Helping to Reduce Waste

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The majority of our daily lives are spent at the office.  With consistently busy schedules and dynamic work environments it’s very easy to forget how much we individually contribute to needless waste on the environment, as well as on our business.  There are so many simple ways that each of us can do our part. Conserving in areas such as our printing can make a huge impact in waste reduction, as well as save your company major expense.

Here are 10 easy tips on how you can work green:
  1. Avoid color printing which uses more ink, print black and white when you can
  2. Use both sides of the paper when printing to cut paper consumption
  3. Store manuals, policies and other documents online to allow employees easy access to PDF copies at their leisure
  4. Reduce margins in your document settings to use more of the page and less paper
  5. Shred old documents and reuse them as packing material in shipments
  6. Offer paper recycling next to every printer, copier and fax machine
  7. Buy recycled paper, toner and ink
  8. Use email for employee memos or meeting materials instead of printing them for distribution
  9. Power down your equipment when you leave for evenings and weekends
  10. Post in-house reminders near the copy machine or common areas

We know how easy it can be for employees to get in the habit of wasting paper, so we are offering a free downloadable PDF flyer that you can post as a reminder to your employees.  If everyone made even the small changes in their process with these tips, the impact on the company and the environment would be amazing!