Text Messages for Businesses - Are They Acceptable?More and more people are using text messages these days – including in the professional world. Text messages for businesses? Texting is becoming more prominent as more and more people get smart phones. As many companies arm employees with business phones with wide capabilities text messages are becoming a communication tool of choice. Is it an acceptable form of communication or unprofessional?

Let’s look at the alternatives:



Emails are the “long version” of text. In an email you’re able to type a limitless number of characters and even include a professional signature. You can send it to multiple people at a time and even use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) for multiple recipients so they don’t see all the email addresses that are also receiving that email. On the flip side, you can CC (Carbon Copy) other important members of your team, so when someone replies they can choose to “Reply All,” and send their reply to the whole team.

The downside of emails is that they often get buried. Professionals can receive hundreds (or even thousands) of emails every day. When that is the case, it’s hard to sift through them all in one sitting to be sure there aren’t any important emails they overlooked. For someone that gets many emails a day, it is also not uncommon that they will quickly read it and decide they can reply later because it’s not urgent – and then they forget.

Although text messaging can be limited by number of characters depending on providers and device, it offers a quick, easy way to get responses. Do you need to text a few group members at once? No problem! Many providers and devices even allow a Group Text setup so your entire group can have a conversation via text.

Do you need an immediate response? If so, text messages are more likely to get someone’s attention. They allow quick responses and don’t get overlooked like emails because a person sees they have a text and respond right away versus getting buried in other messages or even forgotten.

Phone Calls

Of course, phone calls are always an option, and when your speaking with clients, it is preferred because it is instant communication. You speak back and forth right there on the spot. Talking by phone with clients also makes you more relatable. It’s not just a screen of words, it’s a person on the other end. You get to know more about that person and learn about their personality in just one phone call.

When working with your team with pressing matters, talking over the phone is often the best choice. Text often lacks on emotion. How is that person really feeling about everything? It’s not uncommon to also read something that means one thing and take it completely the wrong way due to personality differences and style of language. When talking, it is easier to hear the tone of what is being said be it serious, happy, sarcastic, etc.

With less pressing matters, sending a text message to your team members may be ideal. Do you have a quick question that needs a simple answer? Send over a text message and get a response within minutes even if they are otherwise occupied. Phone calls require special attention, which can slow things down whereas text messages can usually be addressed while doing other tasks.

Nothing beats being personal whether it is with clients or your team members, but overall, text messaging can be a great way to communicate with your team in an efficient manner particularly for less pressing issues. So is it unprofessional? It may actually help your business run more efficiently, which is always a good thing!