Trying to figure out how to grow your business?  Take a look at the quality of your customer service.

According to a new survey completed by American Express:

  • More than two thirds of American consumers say they’re willing to spend 14% more on average with a company that they believe delivers excellent service.
  • Nearly half of the survey’s respondents say they always tell others about good service interactions (46%), telling an average of eight people.
  • Two in five Americans (42%) say that a recommendation from a friend or family member is most likely to get them to try doing business with a new company, even more than a sale or promotion (34%) or a company’s reputation (15%).

So maybe your marketing strategy shouldn’t include hiring more sales reps but instead sharpening your relationships with current customers.  Here are a few ways you can improve your reputation with your client:

  • Let the Customer Know You

Be personable and share your personal stories with your customer.  Let the client know that you see them more than just a dollar sign.  Meet with them, take them to lunch or even hangout with them after work if it’s one of your best customers.  After all a customer’s loyalty to you means you have security with them as a client.

  • Offer Exclusive Specials

A client wants to feel special and one of the ways you can improve your customer relationships is by making them feel important.  Try offering them an exclusive discount or freebie on an additional product or service.  These small efforts can go a long way.

  • Be A Resource to Them

Ask yourself, “What does a customer think of when they think of me?”.   The client is depending on you to be the ultimate expert in what your providing.  Share with them your wealth of knowledge and educate them as well.   Educating your client will not only make you seem like the smartest guy around but they will learn to depend on you.

  • Be Honest

Honesty is worth more than a few bucks. Don’t hesitate to tell the client that you’re not the most affordable around.  They will greatly appreciate your honesty and can possibly reward you with a deal because they know they can trust you.

Visual Edge IT Office System’s Code of Excellence:

Visual Edge IT has an internal code of ethics each of our employees are trained for:

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  • We are COMMITTED to the success of our customers.
  • We have a “Can Do” ATTITUDE that we share with our customers.
  • We have RESPECT for our customers that allows each of us to succeed.
  • We strive to EXCEED our customers’ EXPECTATIONS by going the extra mile to make sure your experience with Visual Edge IT is nothing short of excellent.

If you’re looking for office equipment and services with a reputable company schedule a consultation with one of our highly trained experts today. Our Office Systems and Office Supplies company has been in business for over 25 years. We have a staff that is equally qualified to help and assist with your office automation needs.