Aquos BoardIf you think your iPad, tablet or laptop are the power behind your presentations in the office, try a smart board on steroids! Flex your team’s communication muscles with the features of the Sharp Aquos Board which will have you really turning heads.

5 Key Features that will have you Flexing Around the Office:

  1. 4 Different Devices Split Simultaneously
  2. No Wires Needed
  3. Onscreen Overlay and Capture
  4. File Friendly
  5. Write and Draw Your Way
4 Different Devices Split Simultaneously

Take those mobile devices to a 2 x 2 split screen and display up to 4 other device screens for added interactive participation.  Multiple devices quickly and easily join through a built-in dedicated wireless controller.

2 x 2 Split ScreenNo Wires Needed

Untangle your life from cords and conversion adaptors by wirelessly connecting tablets, smartphones, Windows or Mac to the Aquos Board.  With innovative software, there is no pre-installation required for Windows and Mac users!

Onscreen Capture and Overlay

The Aquos Board has an overlay mode where you can write notes directly on top of the current displayed screen. You can then take screen shots of your text and images with the original screen contents as JPEG files for easy sharing.

Aquos Board HighlightsFile Friendly

A great feature of the Aquos Board is the ability to incorporate different types of files onscreen and be able to view, edit, manipulate, draw or write on them. Displaying files as “sheets” using the Sharp Touch Viewer interface, you can open videos, web pages, images, PDF’s as well as Microsoft Office file types (Excel, PowerPoint, Word).

File-friendly Aquos Board

Write and Draw Your Way

Sharp’s Pen Software interface is user-friendly and provides a menu of accessible options that can promote your presentation. Choose your pen choice, erase, quickly draw objects, insert text or other images, open, save or print files all at the touch of the screen. The Aquos Board also can recognize up to 10 different touch points and allow up to four people to write simultaneously. You can even convert your handwritten notes into standard text!

Aquos Board Pen Tools

This smart board on steroids will already impress with screen sizes up to 80″ but add the flexibility and functionality of the Aquos Board and take audiences to a whole new level! Whether small-scale meetings or larger audiences, the smooth operation, enhanced security, and flexible features of the Aquos Board will definitely “beef up” your brand.