BIG screen. BIG impact.

BIG advantages over conventional display solutions.

Available in screens up to a spectacular 80″ class (80″ diagonal), these LED-LCD interactive displays give you convincing reasons to think BIG — with brilliant color images for greater communication power. Superior collaborative ease with touch-screen convenience. For versatility and performance in business meetings, teleconferences, presentations, training/classroom instruction and high-impact signage, there’s never been a better time to think BIG — and think Sharp.

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD offers a better way to make a big impression. Whether a boardroom or conference room, training session to lecture hall, a Sharp big-screen interactive display system can magnify your success. Motivate and captivate your audience. Improve your image. Give your message the impact it deserves. With Sharp on your presentation team, the possibilities are endless … and every moment is right for a magnificent performance.

Convey your message with greater impact. Size matters — and in today’s competitive world, a big-screen Sharp interactive display system can make a big difference in getting your message across. With the large, brilliant screens, Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems give you spectacular HD clarity to help make your presentations come to life.

Take advantage of eight built-in backgrounds. The Sharp Pen Software™ application even gives you a built-in library of backgrounds to use during presentations — calendar, to-do list, meeting log, graph paper and action plan. They make presentations more effective, because you don’t have to create forms or data templates by hand — you can go straight to the ideas and actions you want to convey.

When companies buy the Sharp Digital Whiteboard System from Visual Edge IT, they get more. We will deliver, install by mounting the board on a fixed or full-motion wall-mount or a rolling stand; we will train your employees on how to fully utilize all of the systems capabilities; we will connect the board’s computer to your companies network and install any programs you need; we will offer you many ways to purchase and back it with a 3 year warranty. Contact our Houston office technology experts today.

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