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Once you capture an image or scan some paperwork you often need to capture information about it, Umango  provides a number of flexible ways to ‘read’ the information you want to use. For example you might want to read a pre-printed code, a barcode, use OCR to hunt for a word or phrase located in different positions on the paperwork or simply view an area on the paperwork allowing you to highlight the word to be extracted.

Once read, Umango can use this information to name the file, look up information in other business systems, create directories, be stored in a database or document management system.

  • Document Recognition
  • Customizable Extraction Tools
  • Storing
  • Document Conversion
  • Smart Scanning

Umango Extract Sharp Panel screen

  • Read a pre-defined area of your business documents and convert the selected information or zone back into text
  • Quickly specify what word or phrase you are looking for and dynamically look for the information and extract the values nearby
  • List of values function to help validate or cross-reference your documents
  • 1D Barcode or 2D barcode options that allow you to scan and extract barcode values
  • Use custom scripts to process information designed specifically for your business
  • Ability to lookup information from another database on the same screen as you’re working at the same time
  • Key from image function that can zoom into an area of a document or image and prompt the user to type in information
  • The lasso OCR tool can automatically read, select or provide options


Umango is designed to be easy-to-use for anyone in the office. It also has the sophistication to meet your needs when you want to create a customized way of processing your scanned paperwork or images.

Umango List of Values

With Data Extraction, you can create as many values to choose from as you require in order to be as specific as you need for chosen data fields