PostBase 65 is part of the FP’s PostBase line of postage meters. The PostBase 65 is 44% faster than the PostBase 45, delivering more capacity in several important aspects, including the 15lb scale weight and 50 cost accounts.

The 65 comes standard with a fully automatic feeder/sealer, which eases the pain of sending large mail volumes. Paired with MailOne 2.0 software turns the PostBase 65 into a highly efficient mailing and shipping partner.

Key Features:

  • Standard automatic feeder/sealer
  • 65 letters per minute
  • 15lb integrated scale
  • 50 standard accounts
  • RemoteOne PC control software
  • ReportOne account management software
  • 30 custom indicia advertisements
  • 12 custom text messages
  • 20 presets (shortcuts)


Typical Usage:

  1. Mid Volume: Small-midsize businesses that process frequent mixed mail, as well as individual high volume mailings.
  2. Agencies: Small-midsize businesses like law and insurance firms that need to assign postage costs to many specific clients/departments.
  3. Shipping: Used as a shipping system with MailOne 2.0, such as a thriving e-commerce business.


Technical Specifications:

Hardware  PostBase 65
Color touch screen Yes
Letter thickness 10mm
Label dispenser Yes
Letter tray Yes
Moistener (auto sealer)
Automatic feeder/sealer Standard
Processing speed (letters per minute) 65
Integrated scale, capacity in lbs 15lb
Differential weighing Optional
External scale (NTEP) Optional 30lb/70lb
High speed postage download (LAN) Yes
Analog modem postage download Optional
Departmental security Yes
Portal access Yes
RemoteOne (PC control software) Yes
ReportOne (account management) Yes
MailOne (mail management & shipping) Optional
Accounts – Standard 50
Accounts – Optional 100/200
Customizable meter advertisements 30
Presets (Shortcuts) 20
Free sample meter advertisements Yes
Customizable SMS text messages 12