Toshiba’s IPedge EP server is an all IP system designed for ease of installation, use and maintenance.  The IPedge EP system delivers big-company features at an affordable price for small businesses and branch locations.

Like the other IPedge systems, the IPedge EP system performs call processing, voice mail, unified messaging, and media processing which includes conferencing and paging, centralized management, Call Manager unified communications, and more. IPedge EP system uses Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 5.4 operating system that provides a high level of scalability and security.

  • Supports up to 20 Trunks
  • Supports up to 40 IP Extensions
  • Call Processing – IPedge provides the basic and advanced call processing features with a single IP interface.
  • Voice Mail / Unified Messaging – Voicemail is built in and can be configured as either a single
    centralized voicemail system for the entire enterprise or as a distributed voicemail system for each
  • Unified Communications – Unified Communications is built in. IPedge includes Call Manager Standard
    for every user which provides call control features from a PC. The optional Call Manager Advanced
    upgrade includes Chat, Presence, Contacts and more.
  • Existing users of the powerful Call Manager (CM) will continue to enjoy all the features of the CM
    in the new IPedge Call Manager. The smart installation procedure will install CM or SCM based on which system the client connects to.
  • Centralized Management for Multiple Sites – The Enterprise Manager resides on the IPedge Server and enables an administrator to manage all trunks and stations in all the servers of the enterprise, using one consolidated view. From one central location, the administrator can backup and restore configurations of all sites, and update the firmware on any or all phones in the enterprise. The centralized access to an enterprise system is through the IPedge enterprise system primary node. The EP server can be a member node of an enterprise system where an EC or EM server is the primary. In addition to the above, the IPedge server can connect to a separate MAS or MicroMAS server to include:
  • ACD, Networked ACD (ACD + Unifier), and Call Center Reporting (TASKE or Insight)
  • The IPedge EP server can connect to a Luca or Lucas server to include Meet-me conferencing.
  • The IPedge system supports the following telephones:
  • IP telephones that use Megaco
  • IP-5000 with/without LM5110 or IDM5060, Soft IPT
  • Application that uses Megaco +
  • Call Manager
  • PC Attendant Consoles