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Meeting in large classrooms, lecture halls or auditoriums and need to include remote participants?

The Lifesize Icon 800 is ideal for expansive meeting spaces and allows you to connect multiple devices (cameras, mics, laptops, etc.) while still delivering an immersive high quality video conferencing experience. Designed to radically simplify video conferencing with its intuitive “heads up” UI, six-button remote and touchscreen Lifesize® Phone™ HD, the Lifesize Icon Series 800 offers:

  • Four Full HD video inputs
  • Two Full HD video outputs
  • Seven audio inputs
  • Four audio outputs
  • Two USB 3.0 data inputs
  • Secure connectors for server racks

Back of the Icon Series 800

With the additional video inputs the Lifesize Icon Series 800 provides users incredible flexibility. Connect multiple video devices, such as PTZ cameras, laptops or DVRs, as well as audio devices, such as MP3 players, to the Lifesize Icon Series 800 and deliver an unprecedented immersive experience. And when paired with Lifesize Cloud, there simply isn’t a more powerful, yet easy-to-use video conferencing solution in the world.

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  • Directory-based instant calling
  • Click on a contact in your company directory to connect
  • Add individuals and other conference rooms to your conversation with a click
  • Share your screen, data and more
  • Use virtual meeting rooms (VMRs) for regularly scheduled team or group calls when paired with Lifesize Cloud
  • Pin your favorite contacts for quick and easy calling
  • Record and share your conversations
  • User-friendly interface helps you find what you need faster
  • Pairs with Lifesize Cloud
More on the Icon Series 800
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  • Lifesize Camera 10x
  • Lifesize Link Adapter
  • Lifesize Remote Control
  • Cables
It’s as easy as using a smartphone

All Lifesize Icon video systems connect to Lifesize Cloud, the award-winning cloud service, so that you can take your conversations with you no matter where you are on whatever mobile device you happen to be using. Setup is really easy. Place your system in the meeting room; connect to a power source, display and Internet; and then let everyone know it’s ready for video calling.

When you pair your Lifesize Icon video conferencing system to Lifesize Cloud, you’ll always be up to date as software updates automatically every time a new feature is available.