The easy-to-use FPi-2300 series is optimized for small-to-moderate mail volume, automated tedious letter paper folding and envelope stuffing. Its simple touch screen controls and speedy performance make the 2300 a clear winner for small businesses and offices that regularly mail bills, statements, reply envelopes, newsletters, and direct mail. It reliably processes a variety of paper and envelope sizes, including stapled sheets.


  • Automatically feeds, folds, inserts and seals.
  • Choose from three configurations for the appropriate document station capacity.
  • Processes up to 2,200 letters per hour.
  • Holds 325 sheets per feeder.
  • Color touch screen for simple, intuitive programming and control.
  • Fill & Start technology automatically measures documents and creates job settings.
  • Allows 15 programmable jobs for setting common insertion tasks with the touch of a button.
  • Load documents up to five pages thick.
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) reads coded marks on documents to automatically collate and sequence pages.
  • Proprietary sheet control uses sensitive optical measurements to automatically detect double feeds.


Compare Configurations:

Functions FPi-2310 FPi-2315 FPi-2320 FPi-2325
Flexible feeder stations 1 1 2 2
Insert/BRE feeders 0 1 0 2
Multiple document feed yes yes yes yes
Feeder-swap no yes yes yes
Manual feed for up to 5 sheets yes yes yes yes
Feed supplement documents (envelope-sized) yes yes yes yes
Feed a second supplementary document no no yes yes
Programmable job memory 15 15 15 15
Item counter (job/total) yes yes yes yes
Fill & Start function yes yes yes yes
Real sheet control yes yes yes yes
Touch screen yes yes yes yes
Quiet operation for office environments (as per ISO) yes yes yes yes
Electro-mechanical double-document detection yes yes yes yes
OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) no no no yes
Side exit w/ extra capacity envelope hopper yes yes yes yes
Side exit envelope output for online postage meter connection yes yes yes yes

Technical Specifications:

Document feeder
Document width 5.1″ to 9.0″
Document height 3.5″ to 14.0″
Paper quality 15 lb. to 62.5lb. (coated/uncoated)
Capacity 325 sheets per station
Sheet/weight w/ multiple-feed 5 sheets (20lb.) with enclosure
Supplement Feeder
Small formats 5.5″ to 9.5″
Pre-folded supplements 3.5″ to 6.3″
Capacity up to 325 single sheet supplements (20lb. paper)
Envelopes (with or without addresses; windows)
Sizes #10 or 6″ x 9″
Capacity 150 envelopes
Folding And Inserting Performance
Folding 5 sheets maximum
Inserting 2,200 letters/hr. (max)
Fold types single-fold, Z-fold,double-parallel fold, C-fold, no fold
Programmable job memory 15
Dimensions 16.5″ (W)x 20.0″ (H)x 47.0″ (L)
Weight 165lbs.
Certification C, IEC60950


Display Screen

Display Screen