Equitrac Office ® software offers a complete solution to track costs and manage hard copy expenses associated with printing and copying. The advanced architecture allows you to configure, monitor and manage document accounting across several remote sites using a single server.

Equitrac Office helps business managers increase productivity, control and reduce costs, and intelligently manage assets and resources. What’s more, the new Equitrac Embedded option for use with Sharp OSA®-enabled MFPs allows for full cost management for copies, scans and faxes at your fingertips—from the touch-screen control panel of your Sharp OSA-enabled MFP.


  • Simplified account management
  • Minimize waste through authorized use of office equipment
  • Improve measurable cost savings and efficiencies
  • Recover and/or allocate document output costs
  • Discover optimal deployment of devices, thus reducing capital costs
  • Assist in prevention of private or sensitive materials from sitting unattended and unclaimed at remote printers
  • Manage office equipment supplies and consumables
  • Monitor and manage all network document activity for a complete audit trail
  • Generate revenue using cost recovery
  • Cost reduction using device management
  • Easy, centralized administration of user, device and report management
  • Effortless print quota enforcement
  • Restricting access to document production to heighten security
  • Ease of use with Equitrac Embedded feature
  • Help eliminate the external page counter device (in some cases)
  • Simple, familiar touch-screen on Sharp OSA-enabled device
  • Single integrated user experience simplifies workflow, increases user satisfaction
  • Schedule reports, transactions and archival
  • Customizable notifications: printed pages, messages, email
  • Pricing and account management
  • Rules-based local and network printing and routing
  • Color output quota enforcement
  • User, department and account-based charging
  • Pricing by page and print attribute
  • Time- and day-of-week-based discounts/surcharges
  • Automatic scheduling of report distribution
  • Report customization at site and personnel levels
  • Report export for offline analysis
  • Security and confidentiality capabilities with Equitrac Follow-You Printing®
  • Equitrac Embedded capability features supported from MFP front panel:
    • User authentication with theEquitrac Accounting Server
    • Secure printing
    • Follow-You Printing® support
    • Billing code support
    • Copy, scan and fax tracking and captures of document activity
    • Access control