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Drivve DM is an award-winning, browser-based document management system that delivers comprehensive functionality and certified security through an intuitive user interface. It provides an integrated information management solution — with links to existing applications, such as merchandise information systems, CRM systems and others.

All your recorded company information is incorporated into Drivve DM, where it’s archived and managed — and quickly retrieved from any workstation. Access to all your information anytime, wherever you happen to be.

  • Instantaneous access to documents
  • File all kinds of documents (email, office documents, PDF, CAD, etc.)
  • Draft and release management
  • Document approval
  • Security and user management with users, groups and roles
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Auditing — who, what, when — of field accuracy
  • Full-text retrieval
  • Context-oriented search engine
  • Intelligent mailbox management
  • Automatic workflow distribution
  • Automatic back-archiving
  • Open interfaces enable quick, easy connectivity to third-party applications
  • Third-party licenses are not necessary

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There’s more to document management than simple storage and retrieval. The Drivve DM Spaces workspace possesses its own special powers, such as additional access and security measures. Which means you can use them as yet another way to grant (or deny) access to a group of images used for a particular space by a limited number of users. Spaces in Drivve DM operate the same way they do at your office, so you can jump right into your work and know that each of them is already in place, organized in distinct ”piles” waiting for you and your team to pick up where you left off.