DP5132-SD and DP5032-SD

4-line Backlit LCD with
20 programmable buttons

Toshiba Digital Telephones—Helping You Communicate Better
Toshiba digital speakerphones are designed to give you plenty of options and features. So your business telephone equipment adapts to you, not the other way around.

Advanced Digital Speakerphones
Intuitive buttons and features are designed to make your telephone an extension of how you work. Pure digital clarity is a Toshiba trademark—whether you’re using the handset or the speakerphone. The ability to program functions makes accessing features as easy as pushing a button.

Digital Display Speakerphones
For busier call environments, choose a Toshiba Digital Display Speakerphone, giving you a mini-command center right on your telephone’s large, easy-read display. You’ll not only have easy access to an extensive feature set for taking, saving, forwarding, and managing your calls, but you will work smarter, minimize training time, and dramatically enhance productivity.

Toshiba Digital Business Telephones are Available with:

  • Easy to read LCD screens, that display feature-prompting information
  • Programmable one-touch buttons that save time and give you faster access to advanced calling functions
  • Sleek low profile design and unique tilt-base for versatile phone placement
  • Off-hook call announce through speaker or handset
  • Integrated headset interface

The Choice is Clear—Toshiba Digital Business Telephones

  • 10-button speakerphone
  • 10-button, 4-line display speakerphone
  • 20-button, 4-line display speakerphone
  • 10-button, 9-line display speakerphone
  • 20-button speakerphone
  • Optional 10-button and 20-button Add-on modules
  • 60-button DSS Console