Printers and Copiers are essential for most businesses. They are either loved or hated depending on how it operates. Printers and copiers are definitely on the list of items of things you should buy for quality rather than a lower price. When you think of printers and copiers there are two common scenarios:

Good Day

It’s often common to find 2 or 3 employees talking around the copy machine. It’s also a great way for employees to connect and could even encourage cooperation. It’s a great time to share ideas and talk business or just talk about every day things and get to know each other better. The problem comes in when they aren’t actually completing work while they’re talking. If you have good copiers and printers, things will get done quickly, and they will just have a quick chat and return to their work.

copiers and printers

Bad Day

The second scenario is employees yelling at, hitting, and complaining about the copy machine. Again you may find 2 or 3 employees around it, and this time they are frustrated. There is no happy conversation – just frustration. When copiers and printers don’t work correctly, it not only slows down productivity but leads to a lot of frustration. Whereas in the first scenario they could have a pleasant conversation and return back to work, in this scenario there are no pleasant conversations, and the line is increasing for those that need to use it.

It’s not only unproductive, but now the whole morale of the office is going down. Nobody wants to wait in line and fight over printers and copiers that aren’t working correctly! Even if there isn’t a line, it’s still frustrating to try to use printers and copiers that just don’t work.

The new copier hasn't broken in a month.

Printers and Copiers

Do you ever feel like that? If so, it’s definitely time to look into getting new printers and copiers. Efficient printers and copiers can change the whole attitude of the office, and you will definitely have more good days again! Give us a call today, and we will help you find the right printer and copier for your office!