Printers and copiers are the workhorses of the modern office, doing a little bit of everything–which means that they can go through a lot of ink and toner cartridges. If you don’t know what to do with these cartridges, they can start to seem like a big problem; luckily, there are a few savvy recycling tips that can help you out.

Responsible Printing and Copying

Although paperless offices are becoming more and more common, there will always be a place for printers and copiers in the business world. Since these machines aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, it makes sense to find responsible, efficient ways to minimize the impact they have on the environment and on your budget–which is why recycling cartridges is such a great habit to get into. There are plenty of ways to recycle, so all you have to do is find a process that fits your business and your culture.

Want some help getting started? Here’s a little recycling inspiration!

  • Find a local office supply store.

Many office supply stores have their own recycling programs and are more than willing to help you save the environment by handling your ink and toner cartridges responsibly. Just make sure to check the website before you drag those cartridges down to the store!

  • Look into the eCycle Group®.

The eCycle Group® helps you turn recycling into a fundraiser by paying you for original-brand cartridges in good condition. You can collect cartridges from across your community and help any number of deserving organizations.

  • Try refilling your cartridges.

If you use original-brand cartridges and have only emptied them once, it’s possible that you could purchase a refill kit and use them again. Kits are specific to brand and series, so make sure to do your research.

Printers and copiers don’t have to be a strain on the environment. For more tips and tricks for recycling that is effective and efficient, contact us today!