MPS, My Hero!

When it comes to your business, we all know that every dime counts.  Whether you’re a small business printing low volume or a large corporation with a fleet, it’s crucial to identify the true costs in regards to your printing scope. Managed Print Services, or MPS, is defined as an end-to-end solution that provides everything a company needs to control output costs: an initial assessment, hardware redeployment or acquisition, pay-per-use for all supplies and service, as well as ongoing assessments that continue to optimize your printing environment. Don’t let that bore you, there’s SIGNIFICANT savings associated with MPS.

11 Ways Managed Print Services Saves Your Business:

  1. Reducing overall printing costs
  2. Extending the life of document output devices
  3. Optimizing device placements
  4. Increasing uptime with a healthier fleet
  5. Fixing problems before they occur
  6. Understanding the real costs associated with each device
  7. Making better, well informed decisions about upgrading your assets
  8. Eliminating the administrative burden of capturing meter reads
  9. Identifying bottlenecks
  10. Gaining back your valuable internal resources
  11. Managing your core business – NOT your printers
MPS Infographic

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We guess it goes without saying, if you reduce the printing…you save money. Without rolling your eyes at the thought of dictating how your employees spend their time printing, imagine a system of tools that take the headache out of managing. When you have the information available, it’s pretty simple to pinpoint by department or even by user where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Time is precious.  When you optimize your printing atmosphere with MPS, it’s true you gain back your valuable internal resources and promote better productivity in the office. So much recovery time can be saved because MPS helps diagnose most problems before they occur.  Identifying bottlenecks, increasing uptime and even importantly, extending the life of your equipment are MPS solutions that promote a healthier fleet.

With even an initial assessment of your print environments, you’d gain fast knowledge of what’s working and where there’s waste. Tweaking machine placements to better suit user needs, replacing service-heavy models that are costing you time and money, upgrading unproductive areas to increase workflow – although it sounds like a massive undertaking, this knowledge could possibly save your company a small fortune.

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