There’s a lot to know about copiers and printers, and it’s important to do the right amount of homework so that you end up with the perfect machine for your business. To help you make the crucial decision (or to brush up on your printer and copier knowledge), we’re answering an important question: what are the differences between inkjet, laser, and digital printers?

Printers Explained

Although today’s printers and copiers are often multifunction machines that combine printing and copying with faxing and scanning, that doesn’t mean these machines are necessarily more complicated. All you have to do is learn the lingo and you’ll be well on your way to becoming your company’s printing expert.


Inkjet printers use traditional ink cartridges in four base colors–black, magenta, yellow, and cyan. Ink is squirted onto the document in various combinations to create all the colors you’ll need to create high-quality photos and text. However, since they can be pricey–usually about $20 per cartridge–these machines are usually best for small businesses.


Laser printers are fast and powerful thanks to their efficient combination of three main components: a light beam, a drum, and toner. They can create precise, crystal-clear text prints, and although their upfront cost is higher than competitors and they don’t print on different paper types, they are efficient, reliable, and capable of handling even high-volume jobs.


“Digital printer” is actually a term used to refer to laser and inkjet printers, simply because all of these machines have advanced capabilities like wireless communication and cloud printing. The opposite of a digital printer is a wired printer, and digital printers definitely have the advantage here, providing more options at cheaper prices.

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