IT Solutions Houston

IT Solutions Designed to Protect

Implementing the right IT solutions in your organization can reduce break/fix and recovery costs while improving your level of overall protection. TLC Office Systems provides Houston and Austin area businesses with a variety of managed IT solutions designed to keep your information secure and your workflow functioning at maximum efficiency. These IT solutions will alleviate the burden on your staff while streamlining your operations.

Security and Monitoring

Waiting for a problem to hinder your business operations can often mean it is too late. That’s why TLC offers 24/7 remote monitoring and threat detection to catch potential infections and remove them from your systems before they have the ability to create larger problems. There are countless cybersecurity threats lurking online. Having a knowledgeable IT solutions team behind the scenes gives you an added layer of protection by taking care of problems before they come up.

Data Backup IT Solutions

Information is the life of your business. Losing critical company data or client data can have devastating consequences from both a cost and productivity standpoint. Having a disaster recovery plan in place allows you to transition smoothly in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Whether it’s as a result of a security breach or a natural disaster, such as a fire or a hurricane, recovering your data quickly is critical to keeping your organization afloat.

Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office 365 allows you to access your files anywhere, anytime. It’s constantly evolving to benefit your enterprise and is scalable to fit any sized budget. Our customized packages also give you the flexibility to choose the applications you want to implement into your workflow and then operate securely, directly from the cloud. Integrating the right workflow and IT solutions in your office environment helps you unlock your true potential.

To learn more about how our IT solutions can benefit your Houston or Austin business, contact us today.