No matter what line of business you’re in, having an inviting business environment for both clients and employees is important. Clients who feel comfortable in a business environment are more likely to remember it and return. Employees who feel comfortable are often more productive. So what can you do to make the most of your business environment? Here are a few ways to make your business environment more inviting.

office furniture

1) Having Comfortable Office Furniture

Whether it’s the chairs in your lobby or the chairs in your employees’ offices, comfortable office furniture can make a big difference in how people feel. If the office furniture is uncomfortable, clients that may have to wait in a waiting room or lobby may become impatient and are more likely to remember they had to wait a while whereas if they are comfortable the wait time seems to pass quickly.

Likewise, employees who are uncomfortable during the day are more likely to feel unmotivated particularly by the end of the day. They may have to take more frequent breaks to get up and stretch and move around. Providing comfortable office furniture will ensure they feel comfortable and motivated and less likely to take frequent breaks.

2) Get Organized

Nobody likes clutter. It makes for a hectic work environment and is unappealing to clients. It doesn’t necessarily have to be immaculate, but controlling clutter and keeping things tidy is important. Make sure everything has a place and is easy to find. Employees, clients, or even you shouldn’t have to dig through a mess to get to what you need.

3) Add Some Color

Colors make a big impact on how memorable a place is and how people feel throughout the day. Consider adding an accent wall or various flooring. Even in a more professional setting you can find ways to add colors through office furniture or artwork.

4) Find Good Lighting

Lighting is another factor that can affect mood. Whenever possible, open up spaces to natural lighting by opening curtains or blinds. Try to add lighting that is both decorative and at a level that is appropriate for your business.

5) Hospitality Goes a long Way!

Above all else be courteous! Courtesy goes a long way with both employees and clients. If you have an office where clients are greeted at the door, be sure whoever greets them does so in a courteous manner so they always feel welcome. This also applies to phone calls and emails as well. Be sure any correspondence always receives a response in a timely and courteous manner because that is often the first contact, and that is the first impression of whether or not your business environment is inviting.