Customer service is kind of like the “fingerprint” that your company leaves behind. It’s unique to you, it helps identify your brand, and it’s memorable–hopefully for the right reasons. If you want to make sure that your company’s customer service fingerprint leaves a good impression, look no further than VoIP phone systems.

Modern Phone Systems

Phone systems have always been a huge part of the business world, but today, they’re sleeker and stronger than ever. Thanks to modern technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are here to change the way you do just about everything–including customer service. That’s because VoIP makes it easier, faster, and less expensive to provide professional, high-quality communication, and the best part is that these phone systems scale with your company. You’ll never outgrow them, and they’ll never disappoint you.

That’s great, you’re probably thinking, but how does this help my customers? Here’s a quick look at a few features that make customer service memorable for the right reasons.

  • Hold Music

Hold music is a great tool for customer service because it lets your callers know that they’re still connected and that someone is coming to help them out. You can choose from countless genres and even add a personalized message that customers hear while they wait.

  • Advanced Call Queues

Sometimes, your phone lines are going to get tied up. With VoIP phone systems, a caller can submit their callback number and hang up–and when someone becomes available, the system calls both parties so that no one is left hanging. Your customers will definitely appreciate it.

  • Different Hours, Different Routing

VoIP phone systems are smart. They can be programmed to route calls differently depending on the time, meaning that your customers never have to wait on someone who’s gone home for the day.

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