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Document Management Systems

Whether you need help with high-volume scanning or need the right tools to successfully manage your day-forward documents on-site, Visual Edge IT can do just that.

Visual Edge IT’s Document Management Systems in Austin and Houston provide a convenient way for you to seamlessly capture, index and archive paper and electronic documents in a browser-based solution that is instantly accessible within your company and beyond. Connect to your business content and easily share and collaborate with team members, while safeguarding company data. Administrators will also be able to control user access and manage workflow with ease.

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  • Reduced Costs
  • Staff Productivity
  • Security & Compliance
  • Business Efficiency
  • Mobility
  • Usability


Scan and archive hardcopy documents to the same location as your digital files.  Easily retrieve any of those documents later, either in the office or on the go.

  • Easily migrate documents located on file servers
  • Scan paper documents
  • Add documents directly from Microsoft Office® Applications
  • Upload documents through the interface
  • Comprehensive bulk import capabilities
  • Automated conversion of a wide range of file formats
  • Route to multiple destinations simultaneously
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Search Files


  • Document Management provides more conducive control of stored content with enhanced folder sharing.
  • Full-text search and retrieval
  • Store any document format in “virtual” filing cabinets
  • End-to-end document lifecycle management
  • Context-oriented search engine
  • Create different views of your documents


Visual Edge IT utilizes user-friendly software that requires minimum training and support providing users with an elegant, simple and enjoyable experience. Your company will be able to share documentation across internal and external teams and improve team collaboration through powerful document workflow.

  • Easily create and publish workflow templates
  • Create and easily modify workflows
  • Search and monitor existing workflows
  • Share documents or links to documents internally & externally


Visual Edge IT partners with industry leaders in document management, creating affordable, customized solutions for your business.  Click to learn more about these amazing solutions.


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Document management is the process of electronically capturing, storing, managing, tracking and accessing documents and files through the use of a software platform. No matter which platform your company uses, document management systems allow you to effectively control, secure, organize and access your electronic files, faster and easier than ever. With paper files doubling every 3.5 years, managing them efficiently is becoming ever more critical. It is often that many of us come to a huge pile of paper sitting on our desk or that we have to spend valuable time re-creating that one document you have circulating around the office. And what about the three different versions of a document you have circulating around the office? Document management allows you to effectively manage your documents and files so you can put an end to wasted time and wasted space.


With 3-5% of an organization’s documents lost or misfiled, 50% of projects behind schedule, and an average of 34-hour paper backlog, every day your organization decides to do nothing is another day the work piles up.

Every company has its challenges when it comes to paper, its security, and its accessibility. Having a good document management system in place will give you that peace of mind that your information will stay secure and protected while providing you with organization and worldwide access to your documents.