Phone systems are at the heart of your company’s processes. They streamline communication, keep everything updated, and provide a reliable lifelines to the outside world–and that means they need to be capable of keeping up with you. If your landlines are holding your company back, it might be time for a crash-course in Voice over Internet Protocol systems.

VoIP Phone Sytems

Although technology is constantly moving forward, too many companies have gotten comfortable with phone systems that don’t provide for all of their needs. Outdated landlines might work well enough, but it’s a guarantee that they’re wasting money and causing problems that can be avoided just by switching to a newer, faster, more efficient phone system. That’s where VoIP options come in. Because VoIP systems take advantage of the Internet connection you’re already utilizing, there’s no need to pay for anything new or complicated.

When you choose VoIP phone systems, you get access to more immediate benefits, including:

  • leasing options, allowing you to negotiate terms that work for you instead of buying the whole system;
  • a full range of services, including voicemail-to-fax, voicemail-to-email, and more;
  • maintenance agreements, meaning that the hosted phone company will handle the expenses that come with upgrades or repairs;
  • and better prices, saving you money on equipment, service, and calls that use the same IP network (which means that you can call any of your company’s offices for free).

VoIP phone systems do generally require that you upgrade your phones themselves, and the service will depend directly on how good your Internet provider is. That said, upgraded systems are easier to use, cheaper overall, and adapt easily to everything from mobile devices to numerous phone lines. Once you’re enjoying all those benefits, you’ll never look back to your old landlines.

Now that you know the basics, are you ready to switch to a VoIP phone system? Contact us today!