Considerations for the Perfect Phone System

by Marc Coseriu

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What variables and options do you need to consider in order to select the perfect phone system for your business? There’s a lot to think about–so today, we’ll help you ask the right questions and find the right answers so that your phone system is fast, efficient, reliable, and, most importantly, a perfect fit for your company.

Are Phone Systems Really That Important?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is that your loyal, hardworking phone systems facilitate a little bit of everything in your business, making sure that your teams stay in contact, giving your customers a reliable way to contact you, and impacting your overall appearance and level of professionalism. Even if you’re having your best, most productive day, a bad phone system can weigh you down like an anchor.

So how can you avoid that fate? Simple: all you have to do is find the perfect phone system for your business! If that sounds like a tall order, don’t worry; here are a few considerations to get you started.

  • What are your needs?

First things first: ask yourself what your company’s unique needs and goals are. What do you need out of your phone system right now, and what might you need as you continue to grow?

  • How much time do you have to learn new processes?

Ease-of-use is no laughing matter. Simpler, more straightforward phone systems are a breeze to learn, but they might be a little less functional–whereas a phone system with all the options you could possibly need will probably have a small but relevant learning curve.

  • Where are your priorities?

No matter what, you’re going to want high-quality performance–but where do you need that quality? Are you just interested in making clear, simple calls, or do you want professionalism that can span multiple locations, connection types, and networks? These questions will help you understand what kind of quality you need and where you need it.

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Is It Time For a Phone System Upgrade?

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When you get used to a certain technology within your business, the chances are higher that you’ll tend to overlook a few inefficiencies and frustrations. You’ll assume that this is “how it’s always been.” Phone systems are no exception–so today, we’ll help you decide whether it’s time for an upgrade.

The Benefits of Upgrading

Business is all about communication, and whether it’s high-tech video conferencing or professional-quality phone systems, it’s important that you know how to use technology to stay ahead of the game. In general, it’s recommended that you upgrade your phone systems once every five years–but if your phone system is “good enough,” how can you recognize if you’ll benefit from an upgrade? It’s not always easy to tell. However, if you start by asking yourself the following questions, the choice can be a little simpler.

  • Has my business grown rapidly in a short period of time?

When you’re experiencing a lot of business growth, you’re on the right track–but your phone system might not be. If you find yourself struggling to keep communication clear with new clients, employees, and locations, it might be time to upgrade the phone systems.

  • Are our current phone systems integrated with our other technology?

Phone systems must be able to “play nice” with your other software and systems in order to maintain efficiency. If the answer to this question is no, you might want to upgrade to a newer phone system that can adapt to your current workflows–and keep up with any future changes.

  • Do we only pay for the features we need?

If your phone systems come with a lot of features you never need or use, your cost-efficiency is suffering–which means it would probably benefit you to look into an upgrade designed to fit your unique needs, goals, and ideals.

So, is it time for a phone system upgrade? Whether you’re ready to make the leap today or still have more questions, we’re ready to help. Contact us today!

Are Phone Systems Part of Your Disaster Plan?

Are Phone Systems Part of Your Disaster Plan?

by Marc Coseriu

By now, your company probably has a sizable and tested disaster plan. That’s great news–but did you remember to take your phone systems into account when creating that disaster plan? If not, don’t worry; today we’ll help you cover all your bases and create a phone-friendly disaster plan that will emphasize communication and security.

Expecting the Unexpected

Although you can’t stop a natural disaster, a power outage, a network failure, or any of the other large-scale issues that your company might face, you can prepare for them. The best way to do that is to utilize your phone system as an advantage, not a liability. Remember that communication is one of your greatest assets during a disaster, and, as long as you’re well-prepared, your phone systems can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

During a disaster, your phone system will need to get you in contact with:

  • employees, so that everyone can be kept up-to-date on status and continue doing their part to keep the disaster plan on track;
  • suppliers, to communicate any needs or foreseeable problems;
  • and customers, to provide updates about what they should expect and how you’re working to protect their information.

In order to make sure that communication flows and your phone system can be relied upon, you can rework your disaster plan to include a few savvy ideas like these:

  • Move to a new location so that a small group of employees have Internet access and can be in charge of using the phone system for vital communication.
  • Utilize mobile apps that can help keep things on track without relying on any vulnerable processes.
  • Work with your phone system provider to come up with temporary solutions like switching numbers until the problem can be addressed.

So, are you ready to make phone systems part of your disaster plan? Let us help. Contact us today!

How VoIP Phone Systems Improve Your Customer Service

How VoIP Phone Systems Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service is kind of like the “fingerprint” that your company leaves behind. It’s unique to you, it helps identify your brand, and it’s memorable–hopefully for the right reasons. If you want to make sure that your company’s customer service fingerprint leaves a good impression, look no further than VoIP phone systems.

Modern Phone Systems

Phone systems have always been a huge part of the business world, but today, they’re sleeker and stronger than ever. Thanks to modern technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are here to change the way you do just about everything–including customer service. That’s because VoIP makes it easier, faster, and less expensive to provide professional, high-quality communication, and the best part is that these phone systems scale with your company. You’ll never outgrow them, and they’ll never disappoint you.

That’s great, you’re probably thinking, but how does this help my customers? Here’s a quick look at a few features that make customer service memorable for the right reasons.

  • Hold Music

Hold music is a great tool for customer service because it lets your callers know that they’re still connected and that someone is coming to help them out. You can choose from countless genres and even add a personalized message that customers hear while they wait.

  • Advanced Call Queues

Sometimes, your phone lines are going to get tied up. With VoIP phone systems, a caller can submit their callback number and hang up–and when someone becomes available, the system calls both parties so that no one is left hanging. Your customers will definitely appreciate it.

  • Different Hours, Different Routing

VoIP phone systems are smart. They can be programmed to route calls differently depending on the time, meaning that your customers never have to wait on someone who’s gone home for the day.

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Why Switch to VoIP Phone Systems?

Why Switch to VoIP Phone Systems?

Like most companies, you’re probably interested in every opportunity to grow and improve–but you’re savvy about what choices you make, too. That’s a smart move. The good news, however, is that switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems is one choice you don’t have to worry about.

The Future of Phone Systems

No matter what industry you’re in, where you’re located, or how big your business is, one thing that you’ll always have to rely on is the loyal phone system. It’s involved in a little bit of everything, from internal communication to customer care, and it needs to be efficient so that you can be efficient–and that means it’s time to leave slow, outdated processes in the past. Instead, take a closer look at the future of phone systems: VoIP, which carries your audio data across the Internet to make things faster and easier than ever.

Still not convinced? Here are just a few reasons why you should consider switching to VoIP phone systems.

  • You want to save money across the board.

This is a great reason to switch to VoIP phone systems, because, as it so happens, Internet-based processes save a lot of cash. You’ll pay less for advanced services like voicemail-to-email messages, you’ll be able to integrate video conferencing technology, and you’ll waste less time and energy on outdated and inefficient phone systems.

  • You want your employees to stay flexible.

If mobile or remote work is one of your goals, then you’ve got the perfect reason to switch to VoIP. Calls directed to your desk phone can immediately be transferred to a mobile device, headsets and cordless phones can be integrated seamlessly, and different locations can communicate easily and inexpensively.

  • You want to be efficient.

VoIP phone systems help you maximize efficiency, but that’s not all. They provide opportunities to strengthen customer service by simplifying your workflows, allow for smoother communication, waste less time and money, and are overall more friendly to the modern user.

Do you need any more reasons, or are you ready to switch to VoIP phone systems? Contact us today!

A Crash-Course in VoIP Phone Systems

A Crash-Course in VoIP Phone Systems

Phone systems are at the heart of your company’s processes. They streamline communication, keep everything updated, and provide a reliable lifelines to the outside world–and that means they need to be capable of keeping up with you. If your landlines are holding your company back, it might be time for a crash-course in Voice over Internet Protocol systems.

VoIP Phone Sytems

Although technology is constantly moving forward, too many companies have gotten comfortable with phone systems that don’t provide for all of their needs. Outdated landlines might work well enough, but it’s a guarantee that they’re wasting money and causing problems that can be avoided just by switching to a newer, faster, more efficient phone system. That’s where VoIP options come in. Because VoIP systems take advantage of the Internet connection you’re already utilizing, there’s no need to pay for anything new or complicated.

When you choose VoIP phone systems, you get access to more immediate benefits, including:

  • leasing options, allowing you to negotiate terms that work for you instead of buying the whole system;
  • a full range of services, including voicemail-to-fax, voicemail-to-email, and more;
  • maintenance agreements, meaning that the hosted phone company will handle the expenses that come with upgrades or repairs;
  • and better prices, saving you money on equipment, service, and calls that use the same IP network (which means that you can call any of your company’s offices for free).

VoIP phone systems do generally require that you upgrade your phones themselves, and the service will depend directly on how good your Internet provider is. That said, upgraded systems are easier to use, cheaper overall, and adapt easily to everything from mobile devices to numerous phone lines. Once you’re enjoying all those benefits, you’ll never look back to your old landlines.

Now that you know the basics, are you ready to switch to a VoIP phone system? Contact us today!