By now, your company probably has a sizable and tested disaster plan. That’s great news–but did you remember to take your phone systems into account when creating that disaster plan? If not, don’t worry; today we’ll help you cover all your bases and create a phone-friendly disaster plan that will emphasize communication and security.

Expecting the Unexpected

Although you can’t stop a natural disaster, a power outage, a network failure, or any of the other large-scale issues that your company might face, you can prepare for them. The best way to do that is to utilize your phone system as an advantage, not a liability. Remember that communication is one of your greatest assets during a disaster, and, as long as you’re well-prepared, your phone systems can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

During a disaster, your phone system will need to get you in contact with:

  • employees, so that everyone can be kept up-to-date on status and continue doing their part to keep the disaster plan on track;
  • suppliers, to communicate any needs or foreseeable problems;
  • and customers, to provide updates about what they should expect and how you’re working to protect their information.

In order to make sure that communication flows and your phone system can be relied upon, you can rework your disaster plan to include a few savvy ideas like these:

  • Move to a new location so that a small group of employees have Internet access and can be in charge of using the phone system for vital communication.
  • Utilize mobile apps that can help keep things on track without relying on any vulnerable processes.
  • Work with your phone system provider to come up with temporary solutions like switching numbers until the problem can be addressed.

So, are you ready to make phone systems part of your disaster plan? Let us help. Contact us today!