In June of this year, Visual Edge IT was notified of having the winning bid by Amcap Mortgage, Ltd. Amcap Mortgage is a growing & thriving mortgage company headquartered in Houston, TX. Success and growth does create its own particular set of issues however. Having grown from a single location in 2007 to over 100 locations today, Amcap Mortgage, Ltd found themselves with a very pricey, decentralized fleet of copiers throughout the country. Their growth was both organic, and through many acquisitions of existing mortgage companies.

Business Environment Challenges

Buying existing companies meant that Amcap also inherited whatever equipment was already in place. They also had historically let the individual locations make buying decisions independently. With such dramatic growth over the last 10 years, this has led to a very large fleet of Multifunctional Printers that is hard for IT to manage, and a nightmare for the Accounting Department.

Technology Solutions

After what Cindy Jackson, Corporate Office Manager for Amcap, called ͞an extensive and exhaustive (and often exhausting)͟ search for a technology company that could effectively and efficiently meet their needs, Amcap Mortgage chose Brian E. Dye and Visual Edge IT. As was stated by Michael Eisner, CIO of Amcap Mortgage, ͞After meeting with 9 office equipment companies during our work on this project, our team felt that we would be best served now, and in the future, with Brian and TLC. I already knew that the Sharp copiers were a good product, but we were impressed with the team at Visual Edge IT and the technical knowledge of our Sales Rep, Brian.͟

Service for the new Visual Edge IT client has begun by replacing Savin units at the corporate office in Houston, TX, and installations at new offices opening this month. Moving forward, Visual Edge IT will be assisting Amcap with quarterly replacements – examining all leases throughout the country that are to expire in the coming quarter and replacing them all at once. This will assist the Accounting Department at Amcap because there will be significantly fewer leases to deal with. Additionally, providing Asset Itemized Invoices that allocates equipment by location and percentage of total lease payment, provides accounting much more transparency and clarity, making it easier to do their job.

By replacing and standardizing all the systems throughout the country to Sharp copiers, the resources and time that the IT Department has to spend on management of their document & print solution is cut dramatically. With the use of Sharp-specific tools like Remote Device Manager, Remote Front Panel, and Sharp Web Administration, the IT Department can now easily monitor and manage their fleet with a simple click of a mouse. Since Amcap utilizes Office365 throughout their network, the Sharp MFP’s direct integration with Active Directory and cloud applications like OneDrive was a real selling point. It means increased security with less effort, and more efficiency by the staff. There wasn’t another company out there who had the products, nor the know-how, to bring such a complete & robust solution.

A Winning Team

Over its 30+ years in business, Visual Edge IT has served upwards of 4,500 clients, but this was a special win.Yes, it’s exciting that Visual Edge IT will be replacing competitor’s equipment at over 100 locations, but how & why Visual Edge IT was chosen might be the best part.Having experienced a myriad of issues over the last 10 years, Amcap Mortgage was very careful when choosing their preferred partner. Knowing the newly chosen vendor was going to provide products & services that were going to affect every single person throughout the company, Amcap met with & vetted 9 companies representing every major brand of copiers, and did so with a committee of 7 people. After meeting with the best of the best in Houston, we were informed the decision was basically unanimous for TLC! Now that is saying something about TLC, and the fantastic team that drives it!