People are unpredictable, right? Even the most predictable people change. Sometimes these changes are minor – a new look (personally or professionally) or bigger changes like changes in locations, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. You definitely can’t just enter customers into a little book and expect that you’ll be able to reach out to them exactly the same way each time you find need.

Additionally, interests change, too. If you aren’t consistently keeping up to date with your customers, you may be providing them with information in which they are not interested and driving them away – exactly the opposite of what you want to do! So it’s important to stay up to date with your customers. Know if their preferences change, if their contact information changes, and you are building a relationship that is mutually beneficial!

Customer Service

Here are just some of the advantages of staying up to date with your customers

  • See what changes have occurred/are occurring
  • Build a stronger relationship
  • See what is working and what isn’t working
  • Offer products, services, and communication that is relevant and appealing to them
  • More accurately determine opportunities such as new products and services
  • More accurately determine what products and services may be beneficial to do away with
  • More personal customer service
  • Determine what benefits and features are important to them
  • Determine what they like and dislike (and adjust accordingly)
  • Keep in contact with them easily

How are you keeping up to date with your customers? Are you following up with them regularly? One rule of thumb to always consider is the “Golden Rule” – treat others like you want to be treated. Be sure you are staying up to date with your customers and regularly getting their feedback. It will not only help you develop a better relationship with them, but it can help you build relationships with new customers as well. It will help you keep your products and services up to date for your current and future markets.