We are very proud of the excellent feedback we get from our clients. At TLC Office Systems, we are always interested to hear your opinions and if we could improve our service in any way please feel free to contact us.

“I look for equipment that works and if it breaks I want somebody to fix it fast. TLC Is always here within four hours or less. The equipment is great! The service is excellent. TLC works for me!”

Barbara Melchior, Aramark Inc., Controller

“Chris did a GREAT job! We had used another company to service our laser printers in the past. Recently, we had a paper jam that required disassembly of the printer…We used the other company’s automated service call scheduling system, and three days later, still no response and no technician. We called TLC, and actually scheduled a copier technician to come out by mistake. Although he isn’t the “printer guy”, Chris quickly solved the problem for us, and was very nice about it. Chris has serviced our copiers for us for years, and has always done a great job, but he went out of his way to solve our problem this week, and we really appreciate it. We won’t be using the other company for printer service any more.”

A.L., Houston, Texas

“We service over 50,000 patients and use over 12,000 copies a month. Service is more important to us than equipment. TLC service is excellent.”

Tony Chapman, Healthtrust

“TLC provides us not only the equipment…but a level of service that’s equal to what we provide. Interface chose TLC 15 years ago and we’ve never looked back.”

Fred Newman, Interface, CEO