Being the first person a customer sees when they enter a business is an extremely important service position. You are the first impression of your company.  You must be at your best at all times.

No matter if you are called a receptionist, a secretary, an administrative assistant or a combination of the three, you are the face of your employer. With the following suggestions, that face will be a pleasant one.


Wear a Smile

When you are feeling good, have a sunny demeanor, and a big, bright smile on your face, your customers will return it in kind. Nothing gives people the desire to do business with you like a good feeling. One of the worst things receptionist can be when greeting people is sullen or sad. So hide your memories of that disaster date last night and give your customers a happy face.

Know Your Stuff

You must know what your company does, how it does it, and why. Nothing turns off a customer faster that the first person they meet not being able to help them. If you don’t receive training in the business of the business you work for, then take upon yourself to learn.  Pick a manager to be your mentor. This will also build good relationships within the company which can be useful at a later date.

Have Your Pen Ready

This means, be ready at any moment to write down a name, a message, directions, anything the customer may need.  Have a notepad, writing utensils, and Show them you are efficient, organized and  helpful by being ready to work at a moment’s notice. 

Follow Directions

At times you may know more than the person giving you a job to do.  However, always do exactly what they say. Don’t’ try to improvise or change things to your liking.  You are there to work for them, not for yourself.

But Do Volunteer To Do More

Let all the managers know that you are willing and able to do more work than is allotted to you. Being the one they think of when promotions come along entails showing how adaptable and cooperative you are.

Educate Yourself

Knowing how to do a computer program that you are expected to know is the bare minimum of what you need to know. Learn as much as you can about the entire system, the network, all the programs used in the company, and any other office machines people routinely work on. Being the information desk includes all aspects of the daily routine.

Take Opportunities

If a seminar or workshop is offered to you, even if you know the topic already, go to it. The company wants you to be knowledgeable, so you need to show that you have the same goals. Conferences can be networking opportunities if you have ambitions of rising higher in the corporation.

Be on Time and Ready to Work

Being prepared for the day is key.  This means you can’t be doing your hair, nails, or makeup at the desk.  The receptionist is usually the first person in the office, so other employees coming in need you to be working and assisting them.

Be Social, But Don’t Socialize

Be friendly to all your co-workers. Be friends with them if you like.  But, do not become that employee who is always visiting.  Stay at your desk until your break.  You should never wander the offices looking for conversation.

 The number one idea to keep in mind is that everyone is your customer, including co-workers, salespeople, and visitors. If you treat other people the way you want to be treated you could end up becoming the go-to staff member for the entire business.