We have definitely talked about the importance of websites – a summary of what they absolutely need to have, and a few things you should avoid. Why go into further details? Because websites are that important. In fact, a good website can make or break a business. Our Houston Web Design specialists make sure to include all the features that are “must haves” and keep everything looking professional and aligned with your brand.

Of course, there are also things your website shouldn’t do or have that can quickly drive visitors away, which defeats the whole purpose of having a website! Additionally, some things can make your website hard to find. Here are 5 things your website shouldn’t have.

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1. Too Many 404 Errors

Dead links lead to the dreaded 404 error. Now while it’s possible (and recommended) to set up a great 404 page that can help visitors find the page they are looking for, too many 404 errors are generally frowned upon by search engines. Plus, if you don’t have a great 404 page but simply a basic error page, visitors are highly unlikely to try to find what they were looking for and simply hit the “back” button instead.

2. A Cluttered Appearance

Having a website can be exciting. You get to brand it according to your style and your business, but don’t go overboard. While ads can be beneficial, graphics can be appealing, and font variations can be unique, it is easy to go overboard. Too much clutter be it graphics, ads, etc., too many colors, and fonts that are hard to read can really just cause one big headache. Most visitors won’t stick around to try to sort through it all. If there is a small empty space, it does not have to filled! Keep it simple, but appealing!

3. Animated and Audible Overload

In addition to clutter, animation, videos, and music are overboard. Although Flash is nice and can look sharp, be sure not to overdo it. Avoid things like special cursors, background music, videos that play automatically, animated buttons, etc. These not only slow down your site, but they can be really distracting and irritating as well!

4. A List of all your Products and Services

Listing your products and services is obviously a good idea. Listing them all in one place in one continuous scroll can be a little overwhelming. Be sure to break them up naturally. Create categories with additional information and include them in your menus.

5. Images without ALT Text

Images without ALT text can be an SEO “no no.” An ALT tag is like telling search engines what the photo is about, so it helps increase your rankings.

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If you’re in need of a website (or a website makeover) our Houston Web Design specialists are here to help. We design websites that will get you results. Give us a call today!