It’s National Small Business Week and you are the owner of a small business. You love it. You want to serve the people in your community the best you know how. Over 600,000 new small businesses pop up across the country each year. Small business ownership is growing and will continue!

In honor of National Small Business Week here are 5 Reasons Small Business Owners Rock…

1. They Put America to Work

small business owner

Small Businesses are responsible for 63% of the American workforce according to the SBA.

2. Small Business Owners find Solutions to a Problem

Choose the correct way

Small Businesses thrive on providing solutions.  They do it better. They are the experts and can offer wisdom and knowledge that not even Google can provide.

3. They Have Great Passion

Small Business

Most small businesses began with a passion to provide better service and quality.  This is Main Street America, your baker, your realtor we are talking about.  Their passionate about serving customer and worried about the profit later.

4. Victors not Victims

small business

The Small Business Owner doesn’t take “NO” for an answer.  Great businesses found success in their rut. Some small business owners even find their path to starting a business after losing a job.  After facing the economy, government regulations and taxes small businesses still manage to lead the American workforce.

5. From Dreamers to Doers


After ignoring his boss’ advice and quitting his job in New York, Jeff Bezos drove across the country to Seattle, drawn by the city’s large population of software developers to launch in 1994. started off with a big dream.  Small Business Owners pursue their dreams and make things happen!

National Small Business Week is all about networking and championing the grassroots mom-and-pops.  Congratulations Small Business Owners!