The job market is tough – not just for those looking for employment but for small businesses looking for talent as well. In fact, many are finding that young professionals beginning their careers is lower than the number of professionals that are retiring, which leaves many open positions. Many businesses are also experiencing high turnover rate and weak leads for talented professionals. So how do you recruit (and keep) top talent? It starts by looking at the culture of your business. Here are 5 tips for improving the culture of your business to recruit top talent:

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1. Maximize Your Talent

Even if you are not able to fill all open positions for your business, work with and maximize the talent you already have available. Do you have employees that set the tone for your business? The “front and center” employees that greet clients, answer phone calls, or any type of interaction with others? Make the most of these positions by maximizing the talent you have available, and it will make an impact for both clients and open doors for potential leads. Job seekers need to see a positive culture in a work environment for motivation to seek employment with that business. That starts with the people they have first contact with. If that person isn’t you, be sure whoever it is (and everyone in that position) represents your business well and reflects the positive culture of your business.

2. Be Considerate of Your Employees

Something professionals talk about frequently is their job. That could be good or bad for your business, and it depends on how they are being treated or how they perceive their job to be. To be sure your employees are giving good reports you need to create a business culture that is positive. Do your employees enjoy their job? Do they want to work there? Are they treated fairly and with respect and concern? If the answer to any of those questions is “no,” then you need to reconsider your business culture. Talk to your employees. Ask them what could be improved and what it would take so they enjoy their job and would recommend you as an employer to others.

3. Be Involved

If you are hiring new talent for your business, you need to be involved and stay involved in the hiring process. Although delegating tasks such as an interview can help to minimize your workload, it’s an important task that shouldn’t be overlooked. What do you know about the person you are hiring? Do you know their talents, professional goals, and emotional intelligence?  Make sure candidates are evaluated thoroughly to be sure they’re a good fit for you business, and don’t “check out” of being part of that process.

4. Stay Flexible

One mistake many small businesses make is to pass over a potential candidate because they don’t fit the specific position for which you have an opening. Are they a good fit for the company? If the answer is “yes,” then try to move them to another position in which they have strengths and experience to maximize your talent. Whatever you do, don’t pass them up. Finding employees that are a good fit for your business can be hard, and the last thing you want to do is let someone get away.